Talis Aspire “List of the Week”: Good Practice Examples (University of Portsmouth)

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Our List of the Week this week was created by Linda Jones (Law & Criminology Librarian) at the University of Portsmouth. You can view it here.

Why we like this list

As you’ve probably seen by now, this is not a traditional resource list, though one could argue that it is still used for teaching! This list is used by Linda as part of the training Portsmouth run with academics when introducing them to Talis Aspire, as well as in focus groups to promote discussion on good list practice.

Firstly, it’s interesting to see how the flexibility of Talis Aspire list editor can be used to meet an alternative business goal. The list itself makes good use of sections (is that a section of our ‘List of the Week’ I see?!), with very detailed section annotations. What Linda is bookmarking are lists themselves, and the notes provide some interesting discussion on what good practice is exhibited.

Secondly, the goal itself – that of working with academics to develop good practice for resource lists. As discussed in this article (‘Working with academics to define quality guidelines for resource lists‘), there is an increasing recognition amongst customers that making a list available in Talis Aspire is just not enough. To make a true impact on the student experience, the effectiveness of this list as a teaching tool is of primary importance.

Closing thoughts

We’ve seen lists for information literacy, as well as module handbooks, and now being used to share good practice examples between academics – something also highlighted in this support article on how to identify and promote quality resource lists.

Has your institution considered using Talis Aspire for alternative purposes than a traditional list? Or have you also been engaging with faculty to develop any quality guidelines for building lists? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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