Campus Edition new features update, March 2011

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It’s been a while since I had the time to blog about new features on Campus Edition, even though we’ve been adding them at quite a rate, (as you’ll know if you follow our YouTube channel or are signed up to our monthly newsletter).

In addition, you can always track our development progress in real time via the In Progress board, as well as review the weekly release notes via our support portal or the lis-talis-aspire mailing list. Anyway, back to the March Update.


This month we added a Pages feature to Campus Edition. You can think of pages as an extension of the rich note feature we recently added, except each page is a resource in its own right and can be re-used across many lists.

The Pages editor allows the user to add rich text, hyperlinks and even embed video and images. You can also paste whole documents from Microsoft word, preserving formatting.

Each page gets a unique guessable URL, and can be included on as many lists as you wish.

Pages are useful for administrators to add general instructions, such as how to access online databases, or for academics to author very rich notes or instructional content, and embed it within their reading lists.

Time periods

This month we introduce time periods, a feature which is part of the rollover theme on our roadmap.

I won’t go into too much detail here (see the video at the end of the post) but essentially time periods allow users to add a time-dimension to reading lists, which matches the natural way you divide up your academic year.

The feature allows us to more easily roll over lists from one academic session to the next, allowing you to preserve a time series of lists. I’ll be blogging in more detail about the whole rollover theme and how it fits together next week.

Paging in My Bookmarks

Finally, we added a paging function to My Bookmarks. Each page of bookmarks contains up to 100 items, and the user can move between pages using a natty paging control at the top of the screen. Previously we had said the My Bookmarks page was good for about 500 items, now users can add virtually any quantity of bookmarks with no performance penalty.

Watch the video

As we do every month, we wrap up a video explaining all the new features in detail. See below for this month’s, or check out the playlist on our YouTube channel for older vids.

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