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May 5th, 2010 - 2 comments - Posted by in General News.

In this podcast, Marion Jensen talks with Talis about his recent award from the Talis Incubator fund for Open Education. As former Director of Utah State University’s OpenCourse Ware project, Marion followed a number of conferences via Twitter, and became interested in the tool’s ability to convey a sense of presence and to tell stories from diverse perspectives. From this, he saw the applicability of Twitter to the study of history through the use of primary materials such as journals from the past. He took the Battle of Gettysburg as a proof of concept using the detailed records of 15 soldiers. The TwHistory project, run entirely by volunteers such as Marion, has attracted much attention from educators and amateur historians. Marion discusses his successful bid for the funding of a website that will help anyone interested in setting up a historical re-enactment, removing the barriers that Twitter currently presents in terms of real-time representation (volunteers currently get up at anti-social hours to post tweets at the appropriate time) and the coordination of multiple Twitter accounts. Looking forward, Marion also explores how he plans to make this initiative sustainable beyond the funding period, and the progress he expects the project to make over the next 3 years.

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  1. Arthur Fregona on May 26, 2010

    What a brilliant concept! I am absolutely enthralled at what I hear and would love to become involved in such a project!

    I am a retired History Teacher from South Africa and have recently embarked on creating a History website/blog that hopefully will eventually have broad appeal.
    It is in the embryonic stages at the moment but developing slowly….

    Your concept of “Twistory” is really quite breathtaking and could be applied to so many aspects of History!
    Here in South Africa we have a rich tapestry of battles and events surrounding the Colonial Wars, the Anglo Zulu War, and the Anglo Boer wars etc,

    In closing I would like to mention that I am motivated in the first place by my love of the subject History which I love dearly and have taught for many years. I also consider myself fortunate in that I reskilled in IT and have taught that subject for many years (mostly end user computing) and now I hope I am putting these skills to some good use!
    I must confess that initially I have not been that enthusiastic about social networking sites such as twitter, facebook etc, but your concept has altered all that!
    I am also a passionate believer in the concepts of open source software (FSF) and Creative commons…I believe access to computing and the Internet should be free to all!
    I would love to be updated on your progress

    Bravo, keep on it!

    Kind regards

    Arthur Fregona

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