Joss Winn talks with Talis

March 24th, 2010 - 2 comments - Posted by in General News.

In this podcast, Sarah Bartlett talks with Joss Winn, a Technology Officer at the University of Lincoln. In common with much of the learning community, Joss is passionate about open data, and we agree that bottom-up initiatives in opening up institutions are likely to bear more fruit than top-down strategic approaches. We also talk about the potential impact of open data on the teacher – student relationship, and Joss references his research looking at the evolution of the student as co-producer. We go on to talk about the JISCPress project which was started in May 2009, running for 6 months. JISCPress is based on the excellent WriteToReply, which facilitates detailed paragraph-by-paragraph commenting on Government publications such as Digital Britain using WordPress, and is the result of informal collaboration between Joss and Tony Hirst at the Open University. JISCPress is also Word-Press based, and a combination of semantic technologies (JISCPress sits on the Talis semantic platform and part of the project involved developing a linked data plug-in) and tools such as RSS allow an impressively fine-grained level of feedback and alerting around JISC project bidding. The JISC Information Environment team has now adopted JISCPress, and happily the resource will be freely available to everyone. We touch upon the difficulties of using agile methodologies in a project in which individuals were working asynchronously in only a loosely-coordinated way. Finally we discuss an area that is increasingly demanding Joss’s attention – Green IT – identified by the JISC Strategy as a  key priority over the next 3 years. As Joss says, we have a difficult decade or two ahead of us in terms of reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, and he wonders whether people appreciate the potential impact on learning technologies in higher education.

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