Billy Brick talks with Talis

January 21st, 2010 - No comments - Posted by in General News.

In this podcast I talk with Billy Brick who is Languages Centre Manager at Coventry University. We take a brief look at the history of technologies in the modern languages field and the inherently social nature of language learning which lends itself very well to Web 2.o approaches. We then turn our attention to a couple of cloud applications that Billy and his colleagues are making use of to augment language teaching tools at Coventry – Livemocha and Both of these contain online lessons and offer the opportunity to pair up with native speakers to practice language skills. Looking more broadly at the humanities, we talk in more detail about Humbox, an open education resources repository to be launched in Sheffield in February. We discuss some of the issues involved in repository development, such as openness and community-buildiing. Finally we look at BASE and BAWE corpora, which contain recorded lectures and seminars as well as a collection of student assignments.

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